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Are you new to the cannabis industry and want access to more leaders, experts and resources? Join our sub-groups for deeper, more focused conversation on topics that matter to your cannabis career.

Operations, Supply Chain, & Compliance  – Are you working in a plant-touching business? This group is to ensure you have the resources, contacts and knowledge you need to build a thriving career in the cannabis industry. Here you’ll connect with OGs in cultivation and innovators in manufacturing and the biggest names in retail.

Business of Cannabis – This group is for anyone wanting to learn more about cannabis businesses. From marketing and branding to HR and accounting. What does it take to successfully operate a cannabis business, move up the business ladder or grow a brand in a regulated industry. In this group you’ll find leading women in ancillary businesses who will help you with resources and advice from the front-lines.

Cannabis Jobs – Looking for work? Hiring at your cannabis company? This group is for job seekers and employers alike. You are welcome to post your resume, list your credentials and wins or offer your services. Looking for qualified female talent to elevate your cannabis brand? Post all your open jobs here.

Crypto Conversations – Do you feel like you are falling behind when it comes to Crypto Currency, Blockchain, Web 3, NFTs or the Metaverse?  This group is where you can ask questions, get advice from experts and learn from other women who are finding their way in the digital currency space. You’ll also learn how these technologies will impact the industry and how to leverage the opportunities.  Don’t get left behind when it comes to this incredible opportunity to build your wealth!



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