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WEIC Women is the Membership Portal for Women Employed in Cannabis (WEIC).  This is where our members connect to share resources, find jobs, promote their work and take advantage of their membership benefits. It is a stigma-free, safe place to be yourself and build a tribe of outstanding and supportive women who work in cannabis. 


When you join the WEIC Women Membership you become part of a community that is dedicated to empowering and uplifting each other. Our members are generous in sharing their wisdom, resources and connections to enable more women working in cannabis to build thriving careers. Your membership grants you access to industry leaders and decision-makers who will share their wealth of knowledge with you, networking events where you will meet new women, who relate to your struggles, wins and fight against the stigma, and receive the help and sisterhood of support that only a strong network of committed women can create for one another.

Who Should Join WEIC?

We Welcome Women at all Levels of Experience, throughout the THC, CBD, Hemp and Psychedelic Industries to Become a WEIC Women.

  • New to cannabis?
  • Considering taking the leap into the industry?
  • Moving your way up the cannabis industry ladder?
  • Exhausted executive or entrepreneur ready to pull your hair out?

We understand that being new to an industry can feel overwhelming and a bit scary to navigate building a new network and learning what you need to succeed. We all started as wide-eyed newbies, amazed and terrified at the opportunity to work in this cutting-edge industry.

It can be a stressful experience to work your way up in an unstable environment where regulations are changing and businesses come and go. Our members work on the front lines of cannabis. We are immersed in the daily grind.

If you’re an executive, we know what it’s like to be completely, face plant exhausted, with everything. It can feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders. Sister, we get you. We’re there too.

For all of you women who are working in cannabis, this is where you will find camaraderie, support, resources and connections to ease your burdened and give you support. We invite you to come for yourself and stay for the community.

At WEIC we are focused on providing our members with a variety of benefits to make a diverse and equitable industry a reality. By coming together as a community and unifying our voices we, as women, will create real change in our status, power and wealth.

We are still growing, as is the global cannabis market, and 
we invite you to be part of our expanding community and co create a space for women to thrive in their cannabis careers. Our journey is just beginning and we look forward to having you on the path with us for years to come.

We look forward to welcoming you into the WEIC Community


NEW MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT: Facebook Exclusive Access to Sub-Groups for a more focused & intimate conversation. Topics include Crypto, Supply Chain, Jobs, & Business

Cannabis Career Coaching

Virtual events that feature women who are pioneering in the cannabis industry to share their real-life challenges and wins leading companies and fighting for a seat at the table. The Q&A portion of the event is where you can get your most critical questions answered by real experts. If you are a beginner or an industry veteran, these sessions are highly engaging and informative about what matters most, today, in cannabis.

Powering Up!

It doesn't take much to fall behind the curve on emerging technologies, industries and ideas, especially when you are a busy woman building her career. WEIC aims to keep women at the front of the line in anything that impacts our industry. Our Office Hours virtual education series are designed to keep you on the cutting-edge instead of being pushed to the back. Through short bites of information, delivered by women leading in the field, will keep you smart and unstoppable across the industry.

Networking Events

Virtual events and live local events (in limited areas) for members to connect, share resources and make business deals. Our quarterly events include women's groups from around the country. These events are a blast and give our members a chance to connect with other women across the country in every vertical in cannabis. Speed network one-on-one or join the conversation in a sesh room and light one up with the gals!


Women Employed in Cannabis has a vast network of conferences, publications, education organizations and more. We are often given great discounts, special deals and even scholarships that we pass on to you, our WEIC Women members. *Coming In May 22 - Cannabis RX Plan and Health Insurance Discounts Currently Include:

Access To The WEIC Event Library

WEIC hosts numerous events throughout the year that are packed full of incredible content relevant to your career in cannabis. If you missed one, or want to watch a really good one again, all our virtual events can be watched on demand in our Media Library. Membership gives you access to all the past events, on-demand, so you never have to miss a panel or keynote.

Membership Portal

Use the membership portal e to connect with women in the community, post your resume, share your events, promote your content and all the images of cannabis you want! If you're tired of getting shadow banned or having FB take down your content, then this is the place for you to share and promote yourself among your peers.


Women Employed in Cannabis works with women-owned and women supporting businesses around the world. Our business members receive exposure and goodwill in our community of 15k+ women working in cannabis.

Supporting WEIC is a good way to show the cannabis industry that you care about creating a safe and equitable space for women to thrive. Through your business membership you’ll qualify for discounts on additional WEIC Women memberships for your employees! Show your support for the women who work for you by helping them to succeed in their cannabis careers and the work they do for you.

We believe that your support should be a win win for the community as well as your business. Our membership benefits put your brand front and center in the community. From high traffic logo placement to executive placement in our speaker’s bureau, your presence will be shared among our vast social networks and membership site.


Business Profile

WEIC is frequently asked to recommend speakers for conferences and events in cannabis. Submit your headshot and details on your expertise to be part of our pool of potential speakers.

Speakers Bureau

WEIC is frequently asked to recommend speakers for conferences and events in cannabis. Submit your headshot and details on your expertise to be part of our pool of potential speakers.

Events Calendar

Finally…one place to find the best events for women in cannabis around the world! The WEIC calendar enables our events to be displayed in a beautiful layout with all the information attendees need to join.

Unlimited Job Listings

Place your open jobs on our Job Board to reach women working in cannabis, hemp, CBD and psychedelics. You can post as many jobs as you have throughout the year. (**Small Business Only)

Ad On WEIC Website

Your company Ad on the WEIC Website. We encourage women to buy from and hire women. Your company ad will put you front and center with our members when they are buying products and services. (**Small Business Only)

Business Listing in Directory

Your company Ad on the WEIC Website. We encourage women to buy from and hire women. Your company ad will put you front and center with our members when they are buying products and services. (**Small Business Only)


WEIC Woman

$300/year or $30/month

For the career minded woman who wants to expand her tribe, network with industry experts, learn valuable insights through career coaching and get the support she needs to succeed in her career.

Business Savvy


For the Freelancer, Gig, Consultant, Independent Contractors, Sole Proprietor business Owner, Solopreneurs to help find and drive more business to you. Two-Part profile to allow you to showcase yourself and your business offerings.

Small Business

Starting at $500/year

Perfect for a small business with 2-10 employees this membership provides a business profile with 2 WEIC Women Memberships for employees. Additionally, an ad spot, job listings and logo listed on the website.